Our work is not done yet. In order to continue our path to recovery, we must first be vigilant to continue the hard work we’ve already done. The traditional Twelve Steps describes Step 10 as:

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

The Alternative Twelve Steps defines the Tenth Step as follows:

“Continue to monitor ourselves, to acknowledge our successes and quickly correct our lapses and errors.”

Basically, Step Ten is remind us that the journey isn’t done just because we feel that we have reached a stoping point. No, instead we must constantly monitor ourselves and our behavior and continue to take responsibility for our actions and choices.

Continuing to Take Inventory

It’s not enough to take inventory and complete a self-examination once. Instead, it’s important that we make self-reflection a constant habit. There will be many different events that arise in our lives that will tempt us or steer us toward undesirable outcomes. Rather than avoid such situations completely, it is important to take Socrates words to heart: “Know thyself.” By completing a habitual inventory of our personal weaknesses and strengths, we can continue to capitalize on our strengths while tending to our weaknesses.

Promptly Admitting We’re Wrong

It’s important at this stage in the game to recognize when we are wrong and to immediately make things right. The prompt admission of being wrong is necessary so that we don’t slip back into old habits. Because we used our addictions to self-medicate and to avoid the realities of the situations we have created for ourselves. Prompt admission of wrong-doing helps us to keep on the path of recovery and to ensure that we don’t slip back into our addictive behaviors.

Celebrating Our Successes No Matter How Small

In addition to admitting when we’re wrong, part of taking inventory also involves celebrating our wins – no matter how small. Thus, it’s important to recognize for how many days we have remained sober, the steps we have already taken, and the leaps forward we have made in the journey to be free from our addictions. Our lives have changed based upon the steps we have made, and they are getting better, one day at a time. These successes deserve to be noted.

No Excuses

When admitting our wrongs, it’s important to avoid making excuses or justifying the things we’ve done wrong. When we make excuses or delve into manipulative behavior to justify the mistkaes we’ve made, we slip back into the addictive behaviors we’re working so hard to overcome. Instead, it is time to recognize our role in the events that happen around us and to take responsibility for the choices we make and the actions we take.

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