Summertime is a time for being outside, heading to barbeques, and heading to bodies of water. Is there a correlation between summer activities and an increase in the rate of alcohol and drug abuse?  It seems that there is a correlation. A lot of summer socializing revolves around alcohol, but boredom during summer days can also lead to this increase. Here are some of the reasons that addictive behaviors tend to increase when the days get longer and the nights get shorter.

Lots of Parties and Picnics

Parties and picnics during the summer often include beer and wine on the menu. Mojitos, daiquiris, margaritas, and other cocktails are also popular summer choices that can make it harder to stay sober when temperatures rise.

If you are in recovery and plan to attend parties and picnics during the summer, be sure to have a plan. The first key to attending such events is to be honest about your situation with the host or hostess. You can come armed with some mocktail recipes, but if you feel that even mixing juices with soda can lead to a bad end, you can bring your own non-alcoholic beverage options to drink. Be sure the people you will surround yourself with are supportive of your recovery journey.


Boredom is an issue that can contribute to drug or alcohol abuse during summer months in particular. Students are on vacation from college, some jobs slow down or end for the summer, and sometimes heat or summer storms can keep you from doing a whole lot outside during some days during the summer.

For those in recovery, it’s important to stay busy during the summer. Choose activities and events that support your sobriety efforts. Volunteer, join a sports team, take some classes. Combatting boredom can go a long way toward keeping you sober in the long-term. Look up local sober activities – – AA and NA often have fun activities planned.

The Summer Culture

There are a lot of people who believe that summer is a perfect time for sitting on the back porch sipping a beer, a white wine, or an iced cocktail. Camping trips can often include drug use since people are out in the woods and wanting to let all of their inhibitions go for a few days while in nature. Films and television programs often support these structures, causing people to try drugs or alcohol for the first time in the months of June or July.

If you’re in recovery, it’s good to surround yourself with those who support your efforts and who themselves wish to stay sober. By having a solid support system, you can better combat the forces that pressure people during these months. If old friends are still caught in old habits, it may be best to avoid the situations with them where you would be most tempted to give into your addiction. You can fight addiction and make solid progress in your recovery efforts during the summer!

If You’re Struggling This Summer, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

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