The Importance of Your Alumni Recovery Group

One of the best ways to continue your recovery journey while having supportive people around you is to maintain your relationship with your alumni recovery group. After meeting your recovery milestone, it is important to join your recovery center’s alumni group so that you don’t lose focus on the important work you have ahead of you.

What Services Alumni Groups Offer

Alumni groups offer the ability to learn about new coping skills including how to control difficult emotions and crisis support. All alumni groups offer accountability. You have a team of other people working with you to ensure that you meet your sobriety goals and to encourage you when you have a difficult day. Many alumni groups also offer social activities and gatherings, making it a great way to form a new community, especially if you’ve gone through the difficult task of eliminating those who are toxic or bad influences from your life.

The Importance of Cultivating a Community of Healing

The risk of falling back into old habits during the recovery process is actually pretty great.  In fact, when a patient completes a recovery program, he or she only has a 15% chance of remaining sober for over a year. That number can be increased by eliminating negative influences, building a new community of healing, and support therapy.

Why Alumni Recovery Groups, in Particular, are Important

Alumni recovery groups, in particular, are extremely important to increasing the success rate of recovery efforts. Not only do alumni recovery groups give you a good support community, but they also are created with peers from all sorts of different backgrounds. This means that your common thread is your recovery journey and the stage you’re at in that journey. The others in your group will be going through the same things you are going through with regards to temptation avoidance, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to build a community with those who also understand the struggle to remain sober.

Staying Close and Involved with Your Alumni Recovery Group

It’s really important to remain involved with your group. One of the benefits of being a member of an alumni group is that you get to take advantage of alumni activities – which are drug and alcohol free. Even those with long records of sobriety can benefit from being part of an alumni recovery group. Such participation allows mentorship opportunities and the ability to recall how addictions can affect you. Such interactions can be empowering and allow you to grow in your own addiction recovery progress.

About Our Alumni Group

This past week, we gathered as we do throughout the year, and celebrated our friendships, our fellowship and most importantly our recovery during our Holiday Alumni Party. With over 200 in attendance, it was a true example of the importance of an alumni group.

Whether you need to talk with a substance abuse counselor in your own community about an alumni support group or you want to contact us to learn more about our alumni support group programs, it’s important that you get in touch to get the support you need as you make this life-changing journey. Isn’t it time you get the community you deserve to stand with you in your recovery?