Your Home Away From Home

Detoxing from drugs and/or alcohol can be a tough decision, as well as a scary one. Here at Turning Point Recovery Center, we’ve heard all the reasons as to why an addict or alcoholic can’t go to detox. Our main goal is to show they why they should and can.

One of the frequent reasons we hear is that an addict/alcoholic would rather detox in an environment they feel most comfortable. And we totally understand that! And our detox house is equipped to do just that. The main focus of our detox program is to make sure our patients are safe, comfortable, and well looked after during their treatment process. What better way to provide that than by offering a detox location that feels like home and offers the medical attention needed for a safe and successful detox.

How it Begins

Now that we’ve covered why our detox house is a great option, Let’s dive into the bulk of how it happens!

Once you or your loved one is ready to take the first steps in the road to recovery,  we have one of our highly trained staff call to conduct a phone assessment. This will involve the gathering of the necessary information required to properly assess each patient. By gathering the initial information, we are able to determine the level of care that is needed. On average, our five bed detox house program runs anywhere from three-five days, depending on a patient’s dependency level and their symptoms.

Some of the information we gather is:

– Patient’s name
– Past medical history
– Medications needed
– Allergies
– What they are addicted to
– How much they are using daily
– How long they’ve been using
– If they’ve ever tried to detox before and if there were any issues
– Triggers in their environment
– What’s different today – why detox now?

A New Outlook in the Making

When our patients come to the detox house, they generally feel pretty crummy… We focus on making their time here as comfortable as possible. One of the ways in which we do this is by having the professionally trained staff on hand to administer the medications that will help lessen the symptoms a patient can be experiencing.

Our detox house also offers a staff that is able to watch our patients 24/7. If there is something they will need, we are on it! And being able to do that allows us to make sure our patients are receiving the prescription medications they require, as well as eating healthy and consuming enough fluids each day. Think of it as the start to a total body healing process. Not only are our patients detoxing from their addiction, but are able to get their health back on track once they leave.

Having a full service kitchen/cook on site is one of the best perks we offer at our detox house. Patients have the ability to cook for themselves, should they feel up to it, or we have a staff member that is able to cook for all of our patients needs. Whether it be for a gluten intolerance or food allergy in general, we have you covered. We find that most of our patients will congregate near our kitchen area, too. Chatting with our other residents and sharing stories. So it’s not a big surprise when our patients tell us that they even made friends while staying with us, and that’s a great feeling!

So What Sets Us Apart?

One of the things our program offers that set us apart from the rest is that our clinicians make it a point to visit our detox house each day to get to know each patient and conduct a social intake of each. Physical detox is only the tip of the iceberg in a successful detoxification process. Being able to understand our patients mentally, is a practice we feel will only help us set each of our patients up for a successful recovery!

Our clinicians know the importance of getting on a personal level with each detox house attendant and thoroughly understanding their situation. Our clinicians begin case management for each patient during the early stages of their stay so they can grasp the magnitude of each patient’s addiction. Doing so gives them the information they need to set each patient up with the proper tools and programs they will need for further treatment options, such residential treatment or Intensive Outpatient Program.

Detox is Only the First Step!

Our specialists understand recovery and work tirelessly, pulling together countless resources to make sure each patient leaves our detox house read for success. Whether you are local or not, it’s our job to make sure your recovery is a successful one!

If you’d like more information on our detox house facility, please feel free to contact us!

~ Ferrin McCullough