You already know a few ways to improve your health, such as making it a point to eat fruit every day and to eat high-fiber foods. Here are a few other stress-fighters and health-improvers:

  • • Approach your life and work with a more positive
    outlook. Find a positive side in every aspect of your life.
    Research involving women age 50 and older found that
    those with an optimistic view were much less likely to die
    of any cause during the years of the study.
  • • Try yoga and tai chi. The gentle mind-body practices
    combine aerobic, strength training, core stability, flexibility
    and balance. They reduce blood pressure and
    improve sleep.
  • • Develop a sense of gratitude for life. Gratitude is
    sometimes called a combination of humility, grace, love
    and acceptance. Each day, identify at least one thing that
    enriches your life. Have gratitude be your last thought
    before you fall asleep at night and your first thought when
    you wake in the morning.
  • • Try volunteering. Research shows that participating in
    meaningful volunteer activities promotes emotional and
    mental well-being. A study reported in the Journal of
    Aging and Health found that volunteers had lower blood
    pressure than non-volunteers.
  • • Improve your relationships. Forgive yourself and those
    closest to you. It doesn’t mean you condone a wrongdoing.
    Forgiveness is associated with improved mood and
    lower stress.

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