Jeff’s official title may be Administrative Director, a position focusing on developing current and new lines of business, but his real job is so much more. As part of Turning Point’s intake front line, Jeff is one of the first people clients speak with when they begin their journey to sobriety. As he describes it, “We have a conversation.” It’s understandable to want to know the program’s particulars, but before you get there, Jeff wants to know what’s really going on in your life.

“That’s when they let out, sometimes for the very first time, what it is they’ve been trying to stop,” Jeff says. He knows, better than many, that at this point, the most important thing clients need is to know that they’re understood, and that the person they’re talking to truly cares. It’s more than good career training, “I’m in recovery myself and I’ve been sober for about five years,” he tells us. “I can understand and empathize—I’ve been in crisis myself and I know what I needed back then.” In fact, it was his search for sobriety that lead him to Turning Point, and not in the way you might think.

Jeff is Paul’s brother-in-law. When he was struggling, and ready to seek help, he turned to the member of the family he knew would be able to see him through to sobriety. The two worked together, and after that journey, Jeff knew he had to be part of Paul’s work–which grew into Turning Point Recovery Center. “After experiencing the recovery process, I found that my purpose in life had changed.” Today, Jeff is helping to bring that same change to others on the journey he started five years past.

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~Turning Point Recovery Center