At Turning Point Recovery Center, we are always humbled by the success stories we receive from former patients.

We strive to offer everyone the best opportunities to get on the road to recovery and reclaim their lives! We are elated to see that John is walking tall on his recovery path, and we wish him all the best!

Here is John’s success story:

I tried for several years to get clean and sober on my own, and during that time, I found myself drowning in a river of self-denial. My ego told me that I didn’t need a program of recovery, and fear told me I dare not try. After being totally exhausted and without hope, I finally accepted help, unwillingly, after several interventions by family and friends. I was losing everything that matters.

It took several attempts from religion, counseling, medication, IOPs, and ultimately, three inpatient programs, of which I only completed one. You see, I had a problem with starting and staying, but I couldn’t take anymore, knowing death was around the corner. Finally, I surrendered, and that is when Turning Point and I found each other, which I now believe was a result of divine intervention.

Because I was finally willing to get out of my own will and humbled to the point where I could be open to the principles of recovery and a higher power greater than myself, it was then that I was able to take in the healing and the program presented by Turning Point.

I couldn’t have found a better place. The staff was friendly and supportive, but serious about their jobs. I couldn’t have been paired with a better counselor. My therapist, Sean, and I developed what was a love/hate relationship. Bottom line, he didn’t take any of my bull and was more than willing to help me stay clean and sober, as long as I was honest and willing to participate.

I stopped fighting myself and the world around me and no longer hid in fear behind my ego.

Today I am humbly happy with nearly eight months and what seems a horrible dream behind me.

I will forever be grateful to Turning Point and especially for Sean and Denise.

God is doing for me what I could not do for myself, one day at a time…I wish you the happiness and freedom I have. May God be with you.

John L.