When we started out on this journey to create Turning Point, we wanted to make sure that we were treating the causes at the heart of addiction. Over the years, we’ve found that while addiction may seem straightforward on the outside, digging deeper reveals a whole world of twists and turns that we’re helping our clients navigate.

In that maze of addiction, we keep coming up against chronic pain. To better reach out to the surprisingly large number of people out there struggling with the pain itself, and the addictions that can come along with it, we’re launching a Chronic Pain Outpatient Treatment Program.

While this was initially only one part of a broader treatment program, it’s become more and more apparent that chronic pain on its own is a major factor in addiction.

A New Program

Creating this program has been a labor of love for staff member Pam Dobbie. All of us here care deeply about understanding the holistic aspect of addiction; and Pam is intensely passionate about treating chronic pain from a total body approach.

She and Paul are working to create a system that is individually targeted to each patient. This isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all venture, and they’ll be bringing in specialists from all fields to make sure that chronic pain no longer limits the quality of life of the patients they serve.

The program will be comprehensive and integrate nutrition, pharmacology, allergies, neurology, stress management, and psychology. At the heart of this venture is the belief that people suffer when their functionality takes a dip, and there’s no doubt that when you struggle with pain, you’re not functioning at your peak.

In the hopes of serving this long overlooked component of addiction, Pam, Paul, and the rest of us here at Turning Point are excited to be facilitating hope with our new Chronic Pain Outpatient Treatment Program!

~Turning Point Recovery Center