Step 2 in the 12 step program can be a huge stumbling block for many people. The basis of this step is to place our faith in a higher power to help restore our us to sanity during the insanity of addiction.

What higher power is being referenced and how does this work for non-believers? Many people don’t believe in a God or a spiritual higher power, but the program still works for them. How is this relationship with a higher power achieved if there is no tangible higher power for non-believers to place faith in, is a question I am often asked.

G.O.D. and other Higher Powers

In looking for answers to this very FAQ, I came across a forum on the AA Group website, that I thought really shed some light on this subject.

For many people in recovery the second step is about giving up the believe that they have control over the addiction and finding a “higher power” to help them control it.

Paige B  states, “I have been using the 24/7 World Wide Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous for 2 years, so far. Also known to me as a Group Of Drunks, G.O.D. When people talk about how God works in their life, my brain just puts in the periods!” .  This statement ,  is an example of how many non-believers can work step 2 and use the message behind it to help them on their path to recovery.

Trees, light bulbs, horseshoes…

A higher power can be anything. A tree, the group, a lightbulb, whatever a higher power means to you. The key is letting go of the idea that you can control your addiction alone. You need to find faith in ability of others to help you and that you are not alone in your addiction.

There are many ways that you can let go of control, and the first step is to find something you can place your hope in and many times that is your home group. This gives you the feeling of  being apart of something greater than yourself and that your addiction is not able to control you any longer.