Who we are:

Turning Point Recovery Center is New Mexico’s leader in providing safe, effective, and evidence-based treatment for those who struggle with substance misuse and co-occurring disorders. Turning Point encompasses a continuum of care including Turning Point and Focused Recovery; Turning Point Residential Care, Recovery Housing, Withdrawal Management and additional recovery-centered wellness services.  We provide the best possible treatment in collaboration with researchers, physicians, clinicians and peers to provide community, health, and wellness-based recovery programming at all levels of care.eking our assistance. 

Our Vision

We believe that recovery is possible. Our vision is that anyone seeking recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders can find long-term recovery through a client-centered continuum of care.

We serve our clients and our community with best practices and deep empathy. Our vision is that our work within the community reduces both the suffering and the stigma of addiction through clinical practice, education, and community engagement. 

While there are many paths to recovery, we believe that a process culminating in freedom from addictive behaviors is in the client’s best interest.  We exist to compassionately guide and support people who are suffering to recovery, health, community, and connection.


Our Mission & Values

We provide a clear path to long-term recovery for people struggling with substance use and co-occurring disorders by collaborating directly with our clients to help each person create a healthy, happy, meaningful life within a supportive and healthy community. 

Compassion: We offer compassion, healing, and opportunities to find wellness to everyone in our community – including our own clinicians and staff, our clients, their families, and allies. Each person engages in this process with a unique set of identities, histories, and strengths that characterize their health and healing needs. We center the dignity and autonomy of every member of the TP/FR community and work together to bring all of us to our highest good. 

We believe that passionate and compassionate care for our clients occurs within a continuum, and that the quality recovery programs we provide depend on ongoing engagement with research and evolving best practices in alignment with our goals and the needs of our clients. We collaborate directly with our clients to help each person create a healthy, happy, meaningful life within a supportive and healthy community.

Safety: We prioritize the safety, autonomy, and dignity of each client and staff member. We maintain an environment that is accessible, respectful, and collaborative. We believe that inclusion across race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, gender identity, mental health, heritage, religion, and ideology is essential. 

Ensuring that our treatment programs and our workplace are trauma-informed, culturally conscious and humble, caring, and humane creates an environment in which all are able to heal and grow. Our commitment to best practices includes ongoing awareness of client well-being across the continuum of care.

We understand that our company culture, overall health, unity and satisfaction directly affects our clients’ experience. We work best as a team when we honor each other’s strengths and limitations; foster growth; and support the ongoing development of our skills and competencies. Our culture is supportive, caring, committed to the wellbeing of our clients and of one another. We are driven to excellence and to supporting and celebrating each others’ achievements. 

Sustainability:  We believe that recovery from addiction must be sustainable to be meaningful, and that sustainable recovery comes from addressing the whole person: substance use, co-occurring disorders; trauma history; chronic pain; health and wellness; community and context. 

Likewise, sustainable growth is the key to our success as an organization and to our ongoing support of the community at large. We seek to build partnerships with those who share our vision of what Recovery can be, and to support those in our community who are recovering. We know that every person who finds long-term recovery changes not only their own life but the lives of those around them. 

At Turning Point, we believe that recovery from addiction is integrative, multidimensional, ongoing – and transformative. We stand committed to making recovery possible for anyone seeking our assistance. 

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