Today’s drug habits are not limited to the “traditional” type drugs anymore. There always seems to be another latest and greatest drug trend on the horizon. Take, for example, the use of K2/Spice.

K2/Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid. “Spice” is a catch-all term for a variety of herbal mixtures that are thought to produce the same experiences as marijuana. This is due in part by its cannabinoid compounds that act as same cell receptors, much like THC, which is the primary psychoactive components in marijuana.

A Drug of a Different Color

“Spice” has been marketed as a “safe,” legal alternative to marijuana and can be sold under many names, such as:


Fake weed


Moon rocks

Yucatan Fire

These products contain dried and shredded plant-like material with chemically engineered additives that are responsible for producing mind-altering effects.

Unfortunately, the side effects of spice are quite different than previously thought and documented, so much so that recent states like New York and New Hampshire have recently issued alerts on the increases in overdoses and emergency department visits related to the use of this synthetic cannabinoid.

Spice has become wildly popular among young people and mostly used by high school seniors.

The easy access and “natural” and therefore harmless, misperceptions of spice have contributed to its popularity. It’s also been reported that the chemicals used to make “spice” are not easily detected in standard drug testing.

So how does “spice” affect the brain?

While there haven’t been any scientific studies to deliberately prove the effects spice has on the human brain, it has been reported to produce similar effects to marijuana, such as:

 Elevated mood


Altered perception

And in extreme cases, some users have reported psychotic side effects like anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations!

The Scary Uncertainty of the Unknown

Because spice is relatively new to the drug scene, studies on the harmful dangers it may impose on the human brain are still being documented, but it’s safe to say that the reported uses of spice and the heavy metal residue in it have been nothing short of toxic to one’s health!